KM Workshop


PepsiCo has a long tradition of supporting small restaurants, or eateries, to boost their sales. We refer to small inns, stalls or family businesses - around Latin America - without high budget experience in marketing.

Pepsi's role has always been central as it provides much more than just drinks and snacks. The brand is in charge of boosting its business, providing materials, tools and workshops. The pandemic posed a challenge to train restaurateurs.

Not only did new ways have to be found to replace the traditional face-to-face workshop called 3KM, but traditional sales techniques had to change dramatically. A total of 100,000 restaurants in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Guatemala were closed during the pandemic. Only 10% implemented a digital delivery solution at home or take away. As of June 2020 they began to reopen. It was time to design a new workshop to help them return in a new context.