Pani Experience


PANI opened its first restaurant in the United States, in the Aventura Mall in Miami, and at the same time launched its Instagram profile in this new market. The objectives were to generate awareness of the brand, increase the number of people who booked a table so that they could get to know the "Pani Experience" and add followers and form a community in @welovepani.

We invited different influencers and food bloggers to try this new experience. In the first place, based on the strategy, we contacted influencers with a varied scope and with profiles related to the brand: foodie, lifestyle blogger and fashion. They received a box with brand merchandising such as cups, cutlery and an invitation to come to the restaurant to live and share this experience.

In the first weeks, more than three thousand followers joined @welovepani, attracted by the shared experiences of the influencers and by the recommendations of the bloggers who detailed their sensations when eating at PANI. In addition, other target influencers approached the restaurant on their own to be able to enjoy this unique experience as well. This generated greater awareness, which was reflected in reservations at the restaurant, food orders to enjoy at home and the increase in fans from the launch day to today: 13,000 in just 3 months.