Gaming & Esports

Video games began their period of technological dominance and cultural impact, particularly revolutionizing the entertainment and advertising industry. If we approach the scenario of online games in the U18 segment in Latin America, we will find the following data:



What is the reason for this growth in recent years? Let's take into account the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Play dates, recreational outings, family trips were limited, and the most common form of entertainment for the youngest has been video games.


There were fewer face-to-face meetings and more encounters within virtual universes that were created with components of everyday life where conversations happen, ideas flow and fun is shared. We are talking about the “Metaverse”.


Games like Roblox have become popular today, where children re-signify the sense of community and become story generators. They develop their avatars and create or explore different arenas.


The cell phone stands out for being the first device for distribution and consumption of games. Mainly because it is a free platform, although "pay to play" is becoming increasingly more common. + 60% own smartphones and 2 to 5 apps per month are downloaded at a general level by the U18.

We identified 4 types of gamers: 



Speaking of e-sports, did you know that FIFA tournaments are the most watched by children and adolescents with a 48% audience share? Below we find Fortnite with 26%, Call of Duty with 24%, League of Legends with 15% and Formula 1 with 14%.


Streamers usually broadcast live games of the most popular video games of the moment on their respective Twitch channels or the streaming platform they use. If we had to name the most popular personalities within the gaming and entertainment world, we cannot forget Ninja, Tfue, Rubius, Auronplay, TheGrefg, Ibai Llanos, among others. With millions of followers and viewers in each transmission made.


Brands have been attentive to the momentum that streamers have had in recent years and today they are the new licensing ambassadors for clothing, games, food, books and magazines. This is the case of Ninja and its collaboration with Adidas, or Puma sponsoring the Esports All Knights Gaming Team.


If you play video games, you know the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen in the next level. In this case, we will save you the trouble and we will tell you what are the 3 trends for the future of gaming and the participation of brands:


The universe of video games may be unknown to those outside this great community that has been created over time. It is important to study and understand it in order to take full advantage of the infinite business opportunities that are presented for brands. From live concerts on Roblox, to sale of merchandising from Fortnite.


The big question that touches upon professional ethics and human morality: is it okay to take advantage of these channels to advertise when the average age of this target is 6 years old?